Residential Mortgages and Refinancing

A residential mortgage applies to purchases of single family residences, condos, and multi-family properties with 4 or less units.

The most common question we are asked is how much does the loan cost? While some general rules of thumb apply, each borrower has a different situation and will qualify for different programs and different terms. The variables include credit score, size of loan, whether you’re buying the home as a primary residence or an investment among many other things.

Our role at Atlas Crown is to get to know you and your situation and help direct you to the solution that works best for your particular circumstances. Below you will find a brief description of different types of loan programs that can be used for residential purchases. If you want to know more about any of the loan types, call us so our experts can help you understand the details and subtleties of each program.

Commercial Mortgages

Atlas Crown’s goal is to give our clients access to funding for any type of real estate project. Most mortgage brokers and bankers either focus on residential or commercial projects. Commercial projects are funded by a completely different set of financial institutions, have different qualification requirements and significantly different terms. However, the core evaluation is the same; how much risk is the lender taking by providing money for the real estate. From this standpoint, Atlas Crown has the experience and relationships to help you fund any type of commercial real estate project.

A commercial mortgage applies to loans used to acquire, refinance or redevelop apartments (any multi-family building with more than four units), office buildings, shopping centers and industrial warehouses. Interest rates for commercial properties are generally higher than residential rates.

“Green” Mortgage Loans

Atlas Crown facilitates a wide spectrum of real estate transactions, however the company is passionate about providing funding for “green” real estate projects. The most common belief is that adding “green” features to a home or commercial building is too expensive or will not provide a return on the investment. For many people, this misconception is based on the definition of “green” features.

The best “green” real estate projects focus on a broad range of improvements to the property that improve energy efficiency, increase the quality of the air indoors and increase the effectiveness of the property’s water use. When done correctly, green financing equates to comfort and savings which decreases monthly utility bills and increases the value of the property.

Atlas Crown has built relationships with lenders that have the same focus and believe that most people are not aware of all the options for these type of projects. In addition, we can help you understand the rebates available based on the improvements you want to make. Whether it is a mortgage to finance energy upgrades or coaching the client where to go to take advantage of programs or rebates, Atlas Crown will be a knowledgeable source to help you.